Spanish Heritage in Mathematics and Mathematics Education

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On the occasion of the 12th ICME, the Spanish Committee of Mathematics Educationdecided to prepare a national presentation entitled Spanish Cultural Heritage.The presentation takes the form of a series of posters, each of which has a specialfocus, showing relevant historical events identified according to time and institu-tions. As a whole, the posters outline a comprehensive historical trajectory devotedto the Hispanic Heritage.The relevance of mathematics in the relations between Spain and America hasremained unbroken since its beginning 520 years ago. Julio Rey Pastor emphasizesthe importance and scope of this heritage for its scientific and technological use andits benefits since the discovery of America. Since then, throughout 520 years ofcontinuous cultural cooperation, the mathematical background shared by Spain andthe American Republics, people and countries, that have remained solid andpermanent.To present the Spanish Heritage in the ICME 12 of Seoul (Korea), from theEducation Commission of the CEMAT (Spanish Mathematics Committee) havebeen prepared 27 posters, which set out key moments, characters and events in thehistory of mathematics.


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