Spanish Heritage in Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Download Ressources: Rico2015_Chapter_Spanish Heritage In Mathematics   On the occasion of the 12th ICME, the Spanish Committee of Mathematics Educationdecided to prepare a national presentation entitled Spanish Cultural Heritage.The presentation takes the form of a series of posters, each of which has a specialfocus, showing relevant historical events identified according […]

Koblitz Modular Forms

Download Ressource: This book explains a result called the Modularity Theorem:All rational elliptic curves arise from modular forms.Taniyama first suggested in the 1950’s that a statement along these lines mightbe true, and a precise conjecture was formulated by Shimura. A paper of Weil[Wei67] provides strong theoretical evidence for the […]

Topology without Tears

Download PDF: Topology is an important and interesting area of mathematics, the study of whichwill not only introduce you to new concepts and theorems but also put into contextold ones like continuous functions.However, to say just this is to understatethe significance of topology. It is so fundamental that its […]


Download Ressource: Functional analysis plays an increasing role in the applied sciences as well as in mathematics itself. Consequently, it becomes more and more desirable to introduce the student to the field at an early stage of study. This book is intended to familiarize the reader with the basic […]


Download Ressource: Mathematical economics is not a distinct branch of economics in the sense that public finance or international trade is. Rather, it is an approach to economic analysis, in which the economist makes use of mathematical symbols in the statement of the problem and also draws upon known […]